Formulation, Development and Optimization of Fast Dissolving Oral Film of Montelukast Sodium

Introduction: The current research in the field of drug delivery by which fast release can be achieved has been intensified. The present study was an attempt to develop and evaluate an oral fast dissolving drug delivery system using Musa paradisiaca powder as a novel superdisintegrant. Materials and methods: The formulation contains a model drug (Montelukast sodium), a novel superdisintegrant (Musa paradisiaca powder) and film former (HPMC E15 LV) and the fast release effect was achieved with the proper combination of film former and superdisintegrant. A 32 full factorial design was employed for the optimization of developed formulation considering concentration of superdisintegrant and concentration of film former as independent variables with drug release and disintegration time as dependent variables. Results and discussion: The effect of varying concentrations of the independent variables, HPMC E15 LV and Musa paradisiaca powder on the dependent variables was studied. It was found that enhancing the polymer concentration shows negative effect on disintegration time and the drug release. But when the concentration of the Musa paradisiaca powder was increased, it had a positive impact on the disintegration time and drug release. Conclusion: It can be concluded that addition of Musa paradisiaca powder to the formulation helps to achieve a fast release of drug and hence may help in rapid onset of action that may lead to improved oral bioavailability of drug.


Rahul A Jain and Atish S Mundada

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