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International Journal of Drug Development and Research

The International Journal of Drug Development and Research (IJDDR) is an international peer review quarterly, scientific and professional journal emphasizing quality pharmaceutical discoveries and innovations. International Journal of Drug Development and Research (IJDDR) provides a medium for publication of novel and innovative research from the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology.

International Journal of Drug Development and Research (IJDDR) publishes full length research reports, review articles,and scientific commentaries & communication on all aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences with strong sciences with strong emphasis on novelty, originality and scientific quality. The Editors welcome articles in this multidisciplinary field, ranging from Drug Development to Drug Discovery. More specifically, the Journal publishes reports in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug absorption and metabolism, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, drug delivery systems including gene delivery, drug targeting, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and clinical drug evaluation. Scientific commentaries and review articles are generally by invitation only or by consent of the Editors. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are only accepted on the understanding that (a) they are subject to editorial review process (generally double blind review); (b) they have not been, and will not be.

Submit manuscript at or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at 

Recent Articles

Formulation and in vitro evaluation of sustained release floating matrix tablet of Rosiglitazone Maleate
Author(s): Krishna Mohan Chinnala, Rabi Narayan Panigrahy, Ramesh Bantu, Gowtham Reddy Kallem
Abstract | PDF
Comparative Study of Process of Post Approval Change Application Submission and Approval for Marketing Authorization Variations in EU, US, India, Saudi Arabia and Singapore
Author(s): Lokesh M.S, N. Vishal Gupta, Bhushan Dinesh Belagoankar
Abstract | PDF
Determination of essential and potentially toxic elements by inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry and in vitro antioxidant evaluation of Shatavaryadi Churna: An Ayurvedic Formulation
Author(s): Kumar Puspendra, Jha Shivesh, Naved Tanveer
Abstract | PDF
Aloe Vera as Penetration Enhancer
Author(s): Kiran Sharma, Ashu Mittal, Nitesh Chauhan
Abstract | PDF
Screening of Phytochemicals and in Vitro Antioxidant activity of Acorus Calamus
Abstract | PDF
A Review on quality by design approach (QBD) for Pharmaceuticals
Author(s): Vemuri Pavan Kumar, N. Vishal Gupta
Abstract | PDF
A Comparative study of quality control tests for eye preparations as per IP, BP and USP
Author(s): N. Vishal Gupta, G. Viswanatha Reddy
Abstract | PDF
In Silico Comparative analysis of Cancer and Stem Cell Microarray data to demonstrate Molecular Transitions and the relative involvement of Glycolysis and Oxidative Phosphorylation cost-effective correlation of Bioenergetics and differentiation Processes -Applications In Drug Development
Author(s): Ayyappa Kumar S. K, Suresh P. K
Abstract | PDF
Techniques used to Enhance Bioavailability of BCS Class II Drugs: A Review
Author(s): Honey Kansara, Riddhi Panola, Amul Mishra
Abstract | PDF
Qualitative, Biochemical and Nanoparticle-Antimicrobial Analysis of Lactobacillus SPS screened from the various milk and curd samples of southern Tamilnadu
Author(s): U. Malathi, Praveenkumar. G, Suneetha V
Abstract | PDF

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