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To evaluate the effect of Acnano drug on status of antioxidant enzymes and other biochemical parameters and its comparison with clearasil drug in the plasma of acne induced rat model. Twenty four rats were selected and divided into three groups. Group I was control treated group, whereas group II and group III were infected plus clearasil as well as infected plus acnano treated group. Acne was induced by the topical administration of cyproterone acetate drug for three weeks and determine the antioxidant enzymes along with free radical mediated damage (malonaldialdehyde and myloperoxidase activity) as well as hepatic and renal enzymes was done in the plasma of all groups. Our results showed a significant decrease in the enzyme activities along with increased free radical mediated damage and hepatic and renal enzymes in both acne induced infected group as compared with control group. After treatment with clearasil and acnano drug for 7 days, the enzymes activities along with free radical mediated damage as well as hepatic and renal enzymes, were improved in both infected plus treated groups. When acnano treated group was compared with clearasil treated group, these enzyme activities along with free radical mediated damage and other biochemical parameters were increased significantly in acnano treated group after 7 days treatment. Our findings concluded that acnano drug was found to be effective and equivalent to clearasil drug because of their ability to reduced oxidative stress along with increased the enzymes activity and improved liver and kidney function tests due to hormonal imbalance during administration of anti-androgenic drug .

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