To determine effect of Tobracef and imipenem drug on antioxidant enzyme actvity and lipid peroxidation level and some biochemical parametrs in carbapenem resistant pneumonia infection rat model. Total 40 rats were selected and diveded into 4 groups of 10 rats each. Group I was control group; group II was infected via A. baumanni bacterial strain. Group III and IV were infected plus treated group with tobracef and imipenem drugs. Our results showed that a significant (p <0.001) decrease in enzymes actvities (Superoxide dismutase, Catalase ,Glutathione reductase and ascorbic acid) along with increased lipid peroxidation level as well as cytokine parameters (tumor necrosis factor-á ,interlukin-6, interlukin-â) and biochemical parameters in plasma of infected group as compared to control group. These actvities were increased along with decreased in lipid peroxidation level and biochemical parameters in both treated group as compared to infected group after nine days treatment with tobracef and imepenun drugs. When tobracef treated group was compared with imipenum treated group, all above parameters were improved in the plasma of tobracef treated group.These findings concluded that tobracef has better efficacy than imipenem in carbapenem resistant penumonia infection.

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