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The objective of the present study is to develop a pharmaceutically stable and robust formulation of Naproxen sodium tablets USP 220mg comparable with innovator. In the present study we are reducing the excipients there by we can reduce the cost of the dosage form. The tablets of Naproxen sodium USP 220mg were successfully prepared by using wet granulation technique. Several trial formulations i.e., from F1-F10 have been taken to optimize and develop a robust formulation. The prepared tablets were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, thickness, friability, % drug content, disintegration time and in vitro drug release. Formulation F10 showed a drug release of 103.5% in 60mins which is faster than the innovator product. The stability studies, shown that the formulation F10, F11 and F12 were stable enough at 400C / 75% RH for a period of 3 months. Therefore it can be concluded that the formulation F10 (Naproxen sodium tablets USP 220mg) is robust and stable.

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